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Awesomefiction 《Dual Cultivation》 – Chapter 877 – Four Divine Heavens’ Economy ethereal drum -p3
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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 877 – Four Divine Heavens’ Economy towering pink
“If you wish to become the most potent to choose from, that’ll even be your getaway.”
Chapter 877 – Four Divine Heavens’ Economic climate
“Who knows, perhaps you’ll have a very fortunate face and get some useful cherish that’ll purchase your holiday and more.” Su Yang chuckled.
“There are also these things termed Character Jades utilised as foreign currencies, and they are as beneficial as soul gemstones will be to mortals on this planet. Just a individual low-quality Nature Jade may be worth just as much as 100,000 perfect spirit gemstones. They may be usually employed to trade for extremely beneficial treasures that can not be paid for in heart gemstones since it’ll charge a lot of.” Su Yang revealed the economic system to Xian Ni, who had been remaining speechless by such understanding.
“People today?” Xian Ni brought up his eye-brows.
Sometime later, Xian Ni questioned, “Let me know more details on the Celestial Paradise. You have been born there, appropriate?”
Su Yang then retrieved a mindset stone and proved it to him, “Imagine this very small nature material a little bit greater, and also it is made up of enough psychic vigor to create a Cultivator within the Basic Soul Realm reach the Divine Soul Realm well before running out of religious strength.”
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“What are the besides? Then exactly what do Cultivators use?” Xian Ni asked.
Xian Ni’s jaw bone fallen. Just how do these types of heart gemstones possibly really exist?
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Su Yang smiled, and the man persisted, “Upcoming could be the Martial Heaven, and they are generally ranked first with regards to overall prowess. If you’re trying to find talented Cultivators, that’s the place you go, as that’s where all the most effective talents within the Four Divine Heavens seemingly obtain.”
Xian Ni’s jaw decreased. How do this kind of nature rocks possibly exist?
“Precisely what the heck? Then what can Cultivators use?” Xian Ni expected.
“Exactly how much does it usually expense?”
“The Jade Heaven, huh? I will keep that in mind. And talking about money, how different would it be from the Divine Heavens when compared to this position with regards to their economic system?” Xian Ni requested.
“Heavens, I am hoping we’ll get teleported straight to the Martial Heaven… It’ll probably get me the remainder of living to gather that much— In truth, I am going to probably pass away prior to then.” Xian Ni sighed.
“You will have teleport formations in many big locations that can take you to definitely additional Divine Heavens, much like the people on this planet. Naturally, they’re far more powerful and will set you back a lot more nature stones.” Su Yang stated.
Su Yang nodded, “To be able to learn from the ideal, that is the place you should go. From Qi Refiners to Physique Refiners to Alchemy Masters and Dual Cultivators, the Martial Heaven has all this. Not only are they the most varied however are also the most potent. I will personally be going there to improve my farming once I locate a spot for a compromise down with our kids.”
And he ongoing, “On the other hand, we don’t know the spot that the jewel is going to take us, nor could we management it. We might area in some of the Four Divine Heavens, or we may land elsewhere that’s not connected with the Four Divine Heavens.”
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“To put it differently, Spirit Heaven is the home of wonderful beasts and so forth, and the vast majority of them handle the form of individuals to make factors more convenient for the children.”
“Let’s say we terrain within the Heart Heaven. Just how can we journey to another Divine Heaven?” Xian Ni questioned.
If the solitary significant-class character rock is definitely worth 10,000 channel-quality, and 1 average-class will be worth ten thousand standard soul gemstones, it will price tag at the very least several trillions of heart gemstones to work with the teleport creation! It was actually an astronomical amount that they couldn’t even fathom!
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“I am hoping so…” Xian Ni sighed, sensing his self-confidence shattering just before he came to the Divine Heavens.
“It’s entirely diverse. Though they likewise have heart gemstones and still use them as foreign currencies, it’s only value approximately coins caused by mortals in this world in the Four Divine Heavens. Quite simply, mortals use soul gemstones as if they are coins over there whilst nature gemstones are worthy of big money to mortals nowadays.”
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Su Yang then retrieved a heart natural stone and demonstrated it to him, “Envision this miniature nature jewel a little larger, plus it contains enough spiritual strength to generate a Cultivator in the Primary Soul Realm achieve the Perfect Heart Realm well before not having enough faith based electricity.”
“You will see teleport formations in most main cities that can take that you the other one Divine Heavens, much like those in this world. Not surprisingly, they’re significantly more effective and will set you back much more nature rocks.” Su Yang reported.
“There are normal nature gemstones in the Divine Heavens, and there are channel-quality character gemstones, significant-class heart stones, and faultless spirit rocks. Obviously, the greater quality the heart gemstone a lot more it’s worthy of. For assessment, a single moderate-grade spirit natural stone will probably be worth about ten thousand ordinary small-standard soul gemstones, and something high-class soul gemstone is definitely worth 10,000 channel-standard mindset stones.”
“One can find ordinary spirit stones in the Divine Heavens, and and then there are average-standard mindset gemstones, higher-quality spirit gemstones, and flawless mindset gemstones. Obviously, the higher level the mindset natural stone the greater number of it’s worthy of. For assessment, just one method-grade mindset material is really worth about 10,000 regular low-standard mindset gemstones, and something substantial-quality mindset stone is definitely worth 10,000 average-level character rocks.”
“Heavens…” Xian Ni mumbled in a dazed sound.
“In order to end up being the biggest to choose from, that’ll even be your spot.”
“Don’t fret, it may look like a great deal to you right this moment, but when you become accustomed to existence inside the Divine Heavens, 100,000 great-quality nature stones— a number of million won’t seem to be much.”
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“You will find teleport formations in many major cities which takes you to definitely the other one Divine Heavens, much like the people on this planet. Of course, they’re far more effective and costs substantially more mindset stones.” Su Yang explained.
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Su Yang nodded, “But there’s absolutely nothing really distinctive with regards to the Celestial Paradise. It’s as if your typical cultivation society but larger, I suppose.”
“Exactly how much will it usually cost you?”
Su Yang nodded, “But there’s nothing really distinctive concerning the Celestial Heaven. It’s such as your normal cultivation society but much larger, I suppose.”
Su Yang nodded, “But there’s nothing at all really unique about the Celestial Paradise. It’s much like your typical cultivation world but much bigger, I suppose.”

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