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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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The man was dressed up in a grubby dark colored windbreaker and putting on a black color facial area face mask, camouflaging his entire facial area.
It had been all as a result woman…
“Oh, Yin Heng.”
Additionally, how could they permit individuals of your Separate Status to acquire betrothed to lowly outsiders and pollute their bloodlines?!?!?!
Upon finding this, Yin Heng didn’t dare to continue and may even only hold off until the guy spoke primary.
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“Sure without a doubt certainly, you’re really appropriate, Lord Yuan…” Yin Heng nodded more than once. “So don’t pause to improve any conditions you might have, Lord Yuan. So long as you’re prepared to admit this goal, things are negotiable, Lord Yuan.”
“Mn, that’s appropriate.” Yin Heng nodded.
Yin Heng could only delay silently, not bold to disrupt the man.
“Lord Yuan, if you can find any complications, communicate honestly. We aren’t strangers and our brotherhood isn’t new,” Yin Heng reported by using a faint laugh.
Well before Yin Heng could conclude, the guy dealt with “Lord Yuan” waved his hands and gathered the steaming green tea coming from the dining room table, cautiously flavorful it.
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The person was dressed up in a messy dark colored windbreaker and donning a dark facial area mask, camouflaging his whole encounter.
This “Lord Yuan” was the extremely elusive and renowned head of Fengsha Mercenary. Having said that, hardly any people possessed found his true visual appeal.
“Oh… You’re revealing to me she’s the daughter of Chief executive Yi…?” Lord Yuan was pensive.
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“Of course yes indeed, you’re very suitable, Lord Yuan…” Yin Heng nodded several times. “So don’t hesitate to boost any terms and conditions you may have, Lord Yuan. Providing you’re willing to accept this goal, everything is flexible, Lord Yuan.”
The man was dressed in a grubby black windbreaker and dressed in a dark-colored experience mask, hiding his total encounter.
A good while later, Lord Yuan complete drinking his mug of herbal tea and stared meaningfully at Yin Heng.
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The very next day at dawn:
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“Lord Yuan, regarding this matter…” Yin Heng began.
Moreover, how could they enable the people on the Separate State to get betrothed to lowly outsiders and ruin their bloodlines?!?!?!
The next day at dawn:
“Ah, Yin Heng.”
“Heh, Yin Heng, Fengsha continues to be on excellent words along with the Arbitration Local authority, and we both live in all of our lanes. Now, you want me to simply accept this job. Whenever we wanted to total this mission, Fengsha would offend two key factions from the Twelve Impartial States—the Yi Clan as well as the Arbitration Local authority. So… inform me, are these claims offer worth the money?” Lord Yuan aloofly required with a smile.
Prior to Yin Heng could end, the person sorted out “Lord Yuan” waved his fingers and gathered the steaming herbal tea coming from the table, very carefully sampling it.

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